This isn't a diet program it's a change in your life style. Honestly it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

THANK YOU for believing in me for for giving me the power to believe in myself!

I love this program and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

- Ricciann S.

TCL has helped me to choose "me"... every time! It helps me take care of me, to honor my body... for that is where I live.

It takes commitment and dedication to weigh and measure everything that goes into your mouth – but it works.


The Facebook group is an amazing resource for ideas and support, truly creating a wellness support system.

- Lynn-Marie S.

Meal prepping makes life easier and it helps your wallet. I noticed that I was under my grocery budget while on this program.

- Gillian R.

It started with my nutrition. It was a domino effect from there. The nutrition improved my physical and emotional well being. For that I'm extremely grateful.

- Christina D.

Understanding FOOD and the extreme importance of knowing what it DOES to the body - never dreamed I could eat so much!

- Cynthia M.

FOOD=ENERGY. I was starving myself!! I have never eaten so much in my entire life and seeing how all the different food groups work together to fuel your body has changed my life for the better.

- Debbie B.

I finally started sleeping more than 4-5 hours a day by eating better or I should say the “right” amount.

- Rania V.

What was most powerful for me about the program is how in control of my own choices I really am. All food has nutrition attached to it and I am able to take that into consideration every day if I choose. My goals are my own and I'm in charge of holding myself to those things. With the help of the program I feel that I finally have the tools to inform my behavior, especially around nutrition, to meet those goals.

- Lynn-Marie S.

I knew that it was going to require 100% buy in; I had to be ready to invest in myself one hundred percent. The tools were all there and would lead to healthy weight loss as long as I was ready to use them.

- Patty M.

The TCL program not only offered support with eating and nutrition, but they offered powerful articles that made sense and hit home. The happier and more confident I am with myself, the more patience and positivity I have with my family.

- Jen T.

I could not believe that amount of food I was eating, I was in awe of the amount of weight I was losing as well as the inches. The transformation in my body was very visible and I loved what I was seeing. Exactly what I was hoping for!

- Lisa H.

The most powerful thing I learned is that I can be a good mom and wife, and also make a commitment to myself and my happiness. I don't have to choose one over the other!!

- Jackie B.

My greatest achievement was making this program work for me despite the "obstacles" that life provides. Within my 12 weeks I attended a couple of Patriots games, Super Bowl parties, family vacation, weekends away for hockey tournaments, travel for work, my birthday, etc.

- Rob C.

When I started this program, I had an injury that was preventing me from exercising. This program allowed me to lose weight in spite of that, which then (in my opinion) helped to facilitate the healing process my body was going through.

- Dennis B.