Dianne Shanahan, TCL Coach

It took 40 frustrating years of unsuccessful dieting for Dianne to realize that conventional wisdom and the standard American diet were not only failing her, but were also contributing to the world’s obesity problem. Despite being a cardio queen at various gyms starting when she was 16, Dianne graduated from high school weighing 200+ pounds. For many years thereafter, losing and gaining the same 20-30 pounds, trying every diet possible, eating low-fat, “healthy” processed foods and lots of dairy products, she still struggled with extra weight, lacked energy and suffered from migraines.

Dianne’s amazing turnaround began when she turned 50 in 2009. While training as an athlete at Cynergy CrossFit, Dianne participated in a six week paleo challenge. Although there was no weight loss in those six weeks, she noticed her clothes fit better, her head felt clearer and her energy levels were increasing. Determined she was on the right track, she continued to eat paleo-approved foods, eliminating grains, dairy and sugar and never looked back. Her migraines are gone, and she is the fittest and healthiest she has ever been. Her new lifestyle has allowed her the opportunity of doing things she never thought possible – competing in CrossFit competitions, running 5K and 10K races, and completing two sprint triathlons.

Dianne’s life-changing experience has convinced her that the primal/paleo lifestyle holds the secret to health and longevity, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and success story with her many clients. Her philosophy is primarily centered around the basics of paleo nutrition, and she works with each individual to help them incorporate their unique lifestyle, tastes, and preferences into the primal/paleo way of life.

In addition to nutrition, Dianne coaches individuals on the choices they make and the beliefs they have in terms of their health and wellness. She believes that this is one of the most powerful combinations to promote change.

It is incredibly rewarding for Dianne to be a part of each client’s transformative journey as they not only change their bodies, but their entire lives as well.

Dianne continues to educate herself and pursue certifications so she can help others to achieve a life of optimal health. Her training and certifications include:

You can contact Dianne at dianne@thecynergisticlife.com.

Certifications & Education

I had 2 little boys at home and a baby boy in the hospital. Dianne was so honest with me, she said this was going to take a lot of preparation and devotion and reach back out when life settled a bit. When life settled down a bit I reached back out. Dianne was great, as well as everyone else that helped support me during this process. The days that I felt were difficult and I was not doing my best, Dianne made me feel that I was doing such a great job.

— Ricciann S.