About TCL

The Cynergistic Life Personalized Nutrition program is dynamic. It is constantly evolving. We are constantly learning, testing and experimenting. We have done it for 30+ years. We have a very extensive list of diets and methods under our belts (literally!) We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We get it.
An equal balance of Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness means living The Cynergistic Life. It’s like 3 legs of a stool. If one is too short, you’re out of balance.
The Cynergistic Life is your safe haven. Make mistakes here. Fail here. That’s what this is all about. This is not a one-size-fits all program nor do we believe that there is one solution for everyone.

Who We Are

Cynthia Carse Brown and Dianne Shanahan have been working together for more than 16 years. Between them, they share decades of experience about what not to do. The Cynergistic Life is the simple, yet comprehensive collection of their years of learning what works: how to train, what to eat and how to manage it all while living a sometimes chaotic, often unpredictable life.

Dianne Shanahan

About The Cynergistic Life

Dianne Shanahan has spent the better part of the last decade devoting herself to learning and experiencing the benefits of eating real food. She spent the majority of her life following the guidelines of the American diet only to discover it brought her weight gain and illness.

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Cynthia Carse Brown

About The Cynergistic Life

Cynthia Carse Brown has devoted her life to helping others achieve their own personal goals. Cynthia received her training as a Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute. Her extraordinary blend of knowledge, drive, and encouragement is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

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I've worked with other nutrition coaches before and they do not even compare to the TCL coaches. They are extremely responsive, encouraging and available! They truly care about their clients and want them to succeed

— A.I.