TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Dianne Shanahan


Got Muffin Top?

Clearly that is what I had back in May when I came home from my winter in Naples. Despite eating paleo and tracking food, I still managed to outgrow my clothes. Too many plantain chips, paleo desserts, chocolate and beers - even though most days they “fit in my macros” - can still cause damage!

When Cindy (Cynthia Brown) started her 12 week program, I was just finishing a 6 week challenge that gave me a little kick start losing 3 pounds. Since it’s always more fun to do this with a friend, I decided I would continue on with her.

One of the reasons I don’t like 6 week challenges is they are not long enough to see drastic change. And in most cases, everyone goes back to what they were eating before the challenge and undo it all. It was a good time to really dial it in, cut some carbs, weighed and measured all my food - resulting in a weight loss of 17 pounds and 7% bodyfat - and no more muffin top 🙂

My keys to success:

  • Plan and Prepare.
  • Cook in bulk - protein and carbs. Chicken roasted or cooked in the crockpot plain can be used throughout the week by adding different sauces, spices, veggies, etc.
  • Find 3 or 4 quick go to meals that fit your macros - and eat them often.
    Avoid fancy recipes - Keep it simple.
  • Weigh and measure everything! Use your food scale. Avoid measuring cups and spoons. Grams and ounces are much more accurate. If you can't track it, don't eat it - especially in the beginning.
  • Make sure MFP (My Fitness Pal) entries are correct! There are lots of entries in there that are not right!
  • Enter your food before you eat it!
  • Hit the numbers you are given - consistently. Every day!
  • Move! Go for an extra walk, run, bike, row!
  • Don't expect miracles overnight. Stick with it. If you do the work and are consistent, the magic will happen!
  • If you mess up - and you will - get over it and get right back on track the next meal! The damage will be minimal if you stop it right away!

We are seeing great results from our clients on this flexible and ever-changing macro plan. Make the commitment today and become the next success story! We are ready to help!

After 24 Weeks

I was pleasantly surprised at the results from the 2nd round of the program! My body changed dramatically, my knee pain I had been dealing with for over a year disappeared and I lost an additional 10 pounds and 3% body fat. During that time, I traveled for business and pleasure, had a couple weddings, baby showers and birthday celebrations and with a little bit of planning managed to enjoy them all with no damage to reaching my goals.

These past 12 weeks clearly proved to me that time and consistency are a huge factor to success.