Suzie Llewellyn — Success Story

Success comes in many forms! The TCL Personalized Nutrition program is not just about weight loss. There are multiple ways our members are achieving success that they never imagined.

Congratulations to Suzie Llewellyn for so many amazing Personal Records in her first 12 weeks of the TCL-PN program!

from Suzie:

First off, thank you for opening up my eyes to a new "Life Style" of feeling better about my self, realizing that a pound lost isn't necessarily a reward. Being healthier and feeling good about yourself is the reward.

At first, well ok... ALL (12) weeks, the scale has really messed with my head. I was feeling bad for myself for taking the time, because yes, it takes time, energy and effort to log in and make your numbers (macros) work.

As I continue on the next 12 weeks, I will not worry so much about the scale, but rather feel gratitude for feeling good, happy, energetic - as well as having healthier nails, skin and hair! I realize that this is not a short term "diet" but a long term lifestyle.

I am running the Boston Marathon in April, I would like to focus on training and dropping a few pounds. I did not see much change on the scale, but I did get stronger. Below are my results after 12 weeks:

~ Power snatch (85 to 90# X 2)
~ Hang snatch (85 to 105#)
~ Squat Snatch (90 to 100 X5)
~ Squat snatch (95 to 105#)
~ Back Squat (165 to 170#)
~ Shoulder Press (95 - 97#)
~ Push Press (115 to 125#)
~ Split Jerk (135 to 140#) trying that for ever, first try!
~ Squat clean (120 to 130#)

~ FRAN - 1:03 PR
~DT - .54 sec PR
~ Grace - 1 sec PR (every second counts) lol
~ Randy - 32 sec PR
~ Angie - 2:27 PR
~ Chief - 2 full rounds PR

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