Success Story — Patty McGaffigan

I’ve posted many success stories the past year but this one makes my heart smile. So proud of the transformation Patty (my sister) has made. In the last 5 years Patty has picked herself up and completely changed her life. Her strength, determination and commitment to choosing a healthier life is an inspiration. Mom and Dad would be proud! ~ Dianne Shanahan, TCL Coach

Physical Changes (24 weeks):

  • Lost 34.2 Pounds
  • Lost 5.4% body fat
  • Gained 1.6% muscle
  • Lost 11 years body age

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?

I had no doubts that the program would work. I had seen dramatic results from others who had committed to it. I knew that if I could similarly commit to changes in my life, it would work for me too.

Did we meet your expectations?

Yes. One of the questions on the initial survey asked me to rate myself on how ready I was to start the program. I gave myself an 8 out of ten, which I thought was pretty good. It was pointed out to me to really consider that number. I knew then that it was going to require a hundred percent buy in; I had to be ready to invest in myself one hundred percent. The tools were all there and would lead to healthy weight loss as long as I was ready to use them.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

I learned two valuable lessons. The first is the importance of data tracking. Using the My Fitness Pal app to track my food intake was and is incredibly important. I faithfully enter every item, even the occasional king size Reese's cups. Some days it looks ugly but it keeps me facing the reality of my choices. I also love tracking my steps.

The second lesson is that lifestyle changes have to include weekends and vacations too. I spent a lifetime of Sundays having food frenzies. I look back with shock at how much food I would consume just because it was Sunday. Making that shift alone was a big deal. I feel good now, every day of the week.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I like that I enjoy running now. I can run five miles easily. Who'd have guessed I'd ever write that sentence?!!

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