Stephanie Hamilton — Success Story

Congratulations to Stephanie Hamilton on her impressive 12 week transformation! So great working with you Stephanie, you put in the work, hit your numbers and you look fantastic! Continued success to you!!

Stephanie's physical results:
Lost 9# body weight
Lost 1.6% body fat
Gained .2% muscle mass
Lost 3" off her waist
Lost 4.25" off her hips
Lost 3.5" off her chest

From Stephanie:

Making the decision to commit to doing TCL was one that genuinely made me nervous. Apart from having an already hectic schedule, I work 2 jobs taking up 6 days a week and wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the time to do the program correctly. Having said that, the frustration of putting in so much effort at the gym and seeing no results had been aggravating me for quite some time. Not to mention I really wanted to be able to get my lifts up to numbers I could be proud of. Most people know I am the daughter of a super human (no pressure or anything…) however those genetics unfortunately were not passed along to yours truly. I am the epitome of an average athlete, but I work hard so even the smallest accomplishments hold great weight. I set the bar high for those 12 weeks and although it did not happen overnight, I am elated with the personal progress I made.

Not only have I noticed changes physically, but mentally I am in a much better place. Going into a workout and telling myself I CAN do Rx has been a huge change and my biggest accomplishment. I have PR’d my power clean, thruster, squat clean and overhead squat (happy dance). There is a huge sense of self pride when you can finish a workout knowing you did the movements correctly and at the prescribed weight. It’s a milestone that I will continue to work towards and encourage anyone with the timid mentality I used to have to do the same. This program takes commitment and dedication but it comes with a strong support group. After all is said and done I could not be happier with my decision to join and the support I’ve received throughout.

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