Stacey Laxton — Success Story

from Stacey Laxton:

After 12 weeks (now into week 13), I feel great! When I first started, some had felt that I looked fine and didn’t need to lose weight. Which I very much appreciate. But for me, personally, I had a goal. For me it’s not about losing the weight. For me its about, become leaner, more muscle and stronger. When I look at the week 1 photo, I see softness, when I look at week 12, I see lean, tight and strong. And my workouts have shown that. I feel lighter on the bar and faster in my burpees (not that I like those, lol). I also learned a lot about the choices of foods I was eating. What worked best for me, on low carb days and didn’t make me feel sluggish, EVEN if it was a low carb day. These 12 weeks have definitely been a learning curve and I feel like I still continue to learn as the weeks go on. Overall I love the way I now look and feel.

It wasn’t always easy and I had my own slip ups and setbacks, but trust me and each other, when we say you can do this – YOU GOT THIS! For me, my job requires me to travel and I also work a second job, waitressing, where eating is really not an option. And of course let’s not forget the many colds and ear infections I have had. But through it all, when you feel you can’t make it into the gym (and I couldn’t), you should always strive to continue to eat well and meet your numbers. If you stay on target with your food, you will not miss a beat! Even if that meant for me, drinking 50 grams of Whey Protein just to make my numbers! Trust the process, don’t expect results to happen overnight but they will come. The logging/weighting of your food, measuring and weighting your body everyday does get easier (what goes up, must come down). It starts to become second nature.

I’m happy and thankful that Cynthia Carse Brown and Dianne Shanahan started this program. This was a goal of mine to do for some time but I never had the group support and accountability until now. So thank you everyone! I’m anxious to see what the next 12 weeks brings!

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