Rob Cibotti — Success Story

Congratulations to Rob Cibotti on a very successful 12 weeks! Rob was great to work with. He made it super simple for himself - never getting bogged down on what to eat. If he found something that worked in his numbers, it was added to his short list of foods and that's what he ate for the 12 weeks. He was very aware of when he strayed, knew when the scale was going to be up and immediately got back on track. His physical changes are amazing and looks like a totally different person!

Rob's Physical Changes:

  • Lost 26.2 pounds
  • Lost 3.2% body fat
  • Gained 1.7% muscle
  • Lost 7 years in body age
  • Lost 3 inches - waist
  • Lost 3 inches - chest

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?

As many of the members know, I am a football official and physical appearance is one of the most important aspects of the avocation. It is certainly the first and sometimes only thing we are judged on by coaches, fans, peers etc. I was fortunate to have a very successful season in 2015 and looking back I certainly let my diet and exercise suffer in early 2016 as a result. As the season began last fall I noticed that my uniform was much tighter and I wasn't moving around as much or as easily as I had in the past. One of the great things about officiating is that you get direct feedback and at the end of my season I was told flat out ..."Your conditioning and athleticism need to improve if you are to succeed"....nicely put, direct and most was true. I knew I was moving in a dangerous direction and needed to change, I was 15 lbs heavier than I had ever been and now I had the final push of motivation to do something about it. It was also right about that time that the first set of TCL Personalized Nutrition emails began to pop up in my inbox. After a few weeks of finding out more and talking to a couple people in the process, I decided to jump in.

My expectations were certainly met as I understood what I was getting into and who I was getting into it with. Working with everyone involved with TCL and Cynergy has always been a positive and rewarding experience. I kept thinking of the saying "you get out of it what you put into it" and I was determined to show up to a football game in the spring back down to a healthier weight and able to move without pain.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

I learned many of the same lessons that others have written about like the concept of eating more to lose weight. When I hit my protein numbers, I lost weight when I didn't, I didn't....that simple. I also learned that weighing my food was an absolute game changer. Once I found the foods that worked for me on a daily and weekly basis, I kept my meals consistent. I ate and continue to eat very simple meals....more than 3 ingredients and I am out....shrimp cocktail, baked chicken and rice (1cup) and turkey on a lavash wrap make up the bulk of what I was and continue to eat. I got back to thinking about food as fuel to work out and once the scale began to drop, my motivation increased.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I certainly had an easier time than most in terms of weight loss. I think I took off 10lbs in the first 2 weeks, however my greatest achievement was making this program work for me despite the "obstacles" that life provides. Within my 12 weeks I attended a couple of Patriots games, Super Bowl parties, family vacation, weekends away for hockey tournaments, travel for work, my birthday, etc.....all situations that can lend themselves to overindulgence. I was able to slip up a few times when I didn't have a plan and thrive in others when I had and stuck to a plan. I proved to myself that this is sustainable going forward as I now have the knowledge and experience to get back on track when "life" gets in the way of my good intentions.

I've been "off" the plan for 3 or 4 weeks now and am still at my goal weight. Still eating the same things but not tracking as closely as I did. I feel great about what I have accomplished and I have you to thank for it. Although most of this came easy for me, having to be accountable made the difference and will continue to make the difference as I stay on this path. I may be back in for another 12 weeks in the future but for now I will take what I learned and see how it goes. I will check back in a few weeks to ensure I am still going strong as I would like to take off another 5-10lbs this summer.

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