Michelle Trojano — Success Story

Congratulations to Michelle Trojano for a great 12 week transformation!

Here are her results:
Lost 14.3#'s
Lost 3.7% Body Fat
Gained 1% Muscle
Lost 6 years off of her Body Age
Lost 5.25 inches off her Waist
Lost 2.5 inches off her Hips
Lost 2 inches off her Chest

Could not be more proud of the work she has put into this program and the results she is continuing to notice in and outside of the gym! Excited to see what she is capable in her second round! Well done Michelle! <3

From Michelle:

All my life I've considered myself a pretty healthy eater, following trendy nutritional guidelines of some sort or another and working out daily still struggling with weight most of my adult life. Organic practice has however been a staple for me since my late 20s when I began to understand the link between cancer, autoimmunity, and diet. Four years ago, when I began CF... I decided to try a Paleo lifestyle and removing grains from my daily intake was really life changing. I lost 15 lbs and was able to keep it off consistently but I plateaued with still some unwanted body fat. I just could not shed anymore despite how much I increased my training.

Working with Cindy has allowed me to realize that my fat intake was so out of proportion and my carbs were nearly non existent. Which would explain why my training only improved so much as well. This program has taught me that I don't have to lose strength while trying to lose fat. I have PRd almost all of my lifts and my metcon has improved greatly. I no longer experience the energy crashes that I used to and I just feel really amazing all around.

If you are thinking about trying this program, don't just do it for weight loss! There is so much more to it than that. You know the old saying.. you are what you eat... there is nothing more true than that! The food choices you make are in fact what create the cells in your body. I see so many so called healthy foods that are made of chemicals ( weight watcher supplements for instance). If you eat processed food, your cells cannot possibly be created equal to the cells that are nourished with Whole Foods and you will not have the same results!!

There are so many facets to this program that promote a positive lifestyle...the community that Cindy and Di have created here unifies us ,and helps to propel us forward on those days when we need a little extra from each other. We keep each other on track so we don't spiral down the chocolate hole like I would have done in the past and each positive food choice I make spills over into other aspects of my life... my interactions at work, my motivation level, and confidence to name a few.

TCL has helped me to choose me... every time... even if I make a mistake! It helps me take care of me, to honor my body... for that is where I live and I am more grateful to Cindy than I can put into words... THANK YOU for believing in me and for giving me the power to believe in myself!

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