When my members improve and succeed, so does my box

Kelly Carse, Owner/Coach at Industrial Revolution CrossFit

We asked Kelly Carse, Owner and Coach at Industrial Revolution CrossFit, to talk about what TCL Personalized Nutrition has done for her members, her community and her box.

In February of this year, we invited Cindy Brown and Dianne Shanahan to Industrial Revolution CrossFit to talk to our members about their macro program, TCL Personalized Nutrition. I had seen and known of their individual successes first hand. I knew of their personal struggles and their desire to live healthier, more vibrant lives. Their lives are a true testament to the effectiveness of this program...they are the real deal! I wanted our members to hear their stories: their struggles, their emotional challenges, their determination to find the best and most holistic way to make it work!  The proof is in the success I have seen in the 10 members who have gone through the 12-week program here in our gym...it has transformed their lives.

After 12-weeks into the TCL program, one of our members who had such an amazing transformation, was asked to write about her experience. Both her pictures and her story were posted on the FB page and after reading her story and seeing her results, at least 5 more people from our gym signed up!!

There is no lack of support in this program...Cindy and Dianne work with each person individually through emails, texts and an interactive spreadsheet, providing support and analysis of their progress... and struggles. They have also created a "members only" TCL Facebook page that allows members to interact with each other to offer support, seek guidance and share successes.

I have also noticed that those in our gym who are on the program have formed a bond with each other...and there is nothing like that closeness to keep that momentum alive. The results I have seen and the excitement I have witnessed in our members is truly beyond any other eating plan out there...there is NOTHING to compare it to!

When my members improve and succeed, so does my box. It’s what every truly committed box owner is striving for: healthy and happy clients. The TCL Personalized Nutrition program has re-energized my members and their commitment to their health. It has been incredibly positive and contagious!

We are over the moon thrilled about having this program introduced to our community! Thank you Cindy and Dianne!

If you are interested in setting up an informational session at your gym or office, please contact us at info@thecynergisticlife.com.

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