Marty Bosworth — Success Story

Congratulations Marty Bosworth on a very successful 12 weeks! Marty’s dedication and commitment to living a long, healthy retirement is an inspiration. He gives 100% to everything he does and I enjoyed working with him these past 12 weeks. Looking forward to the next 12!

Marty’s physical changes:

  • Lost 26.8 pounds
  • Lost 8.1% body fat
  • Gained 4.1% muscle
  • Lost 12 years body fat
  • Visceral fat reduced from 13 to 8
  • Lost 4 inches – waist
  • Lost 2 inches – hips
  • Lost 3 inches – chest

from Marty:

Over the years my eating habits had gotten really bad. Being a firefighter for thirty-five years it seemed like I always had a call at lunch and dinner time, so I would grab anything I could get my hands on that was quick, usually something unhealthy and takeout. The older I got the more these bad habits caught up with me. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do, so any excuse to eat out was good enough for me! I wanted to clean up my eating to lose some weight and feel better. I had crept up close to 250 pounds while I was Fire Chief about ten years ago. I was constantly tired, sick and stressed out from my job, and the extra weight didn't help. I had lost weight years ago and again in the past few years after retiring but I wasn't losing in a health way: I would crash diet, lose 10,15 or 20 pounds, feel horrible doing it then gradually put it and more back on. Subconsciously, I think I rebelled against restricting my diet because I was forced to do so in my twenties for eight months due to acute gall bladder attacks.

After I had surgery I found I could eat anything I wanted, so I did! I wanted to stop the cycle of gaining and losing and getting frustrated with the whole process. I have some chronic medical problems that are far easier to deal with when you are in shape and not overweight.

Joining Cynergy CrossFit a year and a half ago was the first step in taking control of my health, TCL was next. I had seen how successful the program was with other "graduates" and decided I should give it a try.

The program definitely works for me! I like the accountability you get with My Fitness Pal, the TCL spreadsheet, the feedback from my coach Dianne and the community encouragement through the Facebook group. After a rough, unprepared start (Wendy's!) the first day I got the hang of measuring and weighing everything. My wife started dieting around the same time on a different but similar program. It's so much easier when you both are on the same path and eating the same foods! We both found the simpler you keep your foods and recipes the easier it is to stay on track and succeed. Planning ahead for meals is key! It's a great feeling to see the scale begin to drop and your clothes get loose. People I hadn't seen in a while were amazed at how much I had changed after only six weeks on the program.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

Once I got in the habit of weighing, measuring and logging I found the process pretty easy to follow. Being in the right mindset helps a lot. I was determined to do this and not go off the rails. The better and cleaner I eat the better I feel, and my performance at the box improved as well. When I was eating badly after joining Cynergy I fooled myself into thinking it didn't matter. As long as I was working out I could eat anything I wanted, WRONG! I would eat badly then feel like I was going to die after a workout. I was very frustrated with my lack of improvement. I blamed my poor performance on my medication side effects. Poor food choices were making the side effects worse. Computer programmers have a saying about data "G.I.G.O.: garbage in, garbage out." Nutrition is our "data": if you're eating garbage you're going to feel like garbage!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

About half way through the program I was able to do legless rope climbs, three in the same day! I never would have thought this possible when I started CrossFit I was so out of shape. I had been feeling really good during my workouts and steadily improving.

Later the same day as the rope climbs I developed a hernia which requires surgery. Suddenly I go from improving to scaling everything and not being able to do any heavy lifting from the waist down.

After a sleepless night I decided I would keep at it, do what I could, work around the injury and stay on track with my nutrition. I would have to say my greatest accomplishment is staying on track and keeping my numbers headed in the right direction despite my injury. Keep moving forward!

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