Lori McKinnon — Success Story

Congratulations to Lori McKinnon on her 12 week transformation with TCL Personalized Nutrition!

Lori's results:
Lost 14.6#'s
Lost 7.7% Body Fat
Gained 3.1% Muscle
Lost 11 years off of her Body Age - making her a desirable 30 year old! Almost half her actual age!
Lost 2.75 inches off of her Waist
Lost 3 inches off her Hips
Lost 1 inch off her Chest

Lori always amazes me with her dedication to nutrition and exercise. Her meticulous planning and preparing are evident in the results of her 12 weeks! And her muscles are definitely showing now! Can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring!

From Lori:

Before I really decided to begin this process I thought: Really, people are gonna think I'm nuts!! I know I'm not overweight but I was feeling lethargic during workouts; my clothes weren't fitting the way I would like or they weren't fitting at all!! But most of all I felt like I'm always working out really hard and I should be toned. You should be able to see that. I know there's muscle but where is it?? I can't see it?? My husband said "You look great buy bigger clothes.....LOL That was not gonna happen!! So I joined in. Di told me I had to weigh myself each day. I said "Ummm I don't own a scale nor do I believe in a number on a scale, I believe in "how do I feel and how do my clothes feel on me." I caved and bought the scale.

In the beginning it was frustrating, as I think everyone has found that, but after a week or 2 it was fine. Plan, Plan, Plan your meals before hand and you can't mess up. I wasn't expecting to lose much weight but REALLY I was shocked at the weight loss and the fat loss. The numbers are crazy. The best number is the age of my body. I love that number!!

What I learned throughout this process is that I was NOT EATING ENOUGH FOOD, NOT EATING NEARLY ENOUGH CARBS and NOT EATING OFTEN ENOUGH!! One or 2 meals a day doesn't work. Throwing something in your mouth cause you're hungry doesn't work. Eating while you're cooking dinner doesn't work. There surely has to be balance of what and how much you eat. Who knew I had to eat this much to lose fat. I was shocked.

What I gained is exactly what I was hoping to gain. I can see muscle now!! I didn't have to buy bigger clothes!! I feel incredible. SOOOOO MUCH ENERGY. Not just during workouts but all day as well. I also noticed during my workouts that I felt more efficient, faster, better. I know that Fran/Diane, and Mary were all WODs I PRd. (I'm not real good at keeping track) but I did notate that. I feel stronger during every workout.

I believe this plan definitely works. It's a lifestyle change. It's a wake up call. It's work.

It will work if you have the mindset, your end goals in mind, support from Cindy and Di and the members around you! That is definitely a plus.

Thanks Cindy and Di for opening my eyes. There has been nothing but positive gains from this program... NICE JOB

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