Krista Davis — Success Story

Congratulations to Krista Davis on her 12 week TCL transformation!

Krista started this program to get her nutrition under control while training for a triathlon in April. She lost a total of 6.2 pounds and in the last 5 weeks (since we got a new body comp scale) has lost 1.2% body fat, gained 1.6% muscle and lost 2 years in body age! Looking forward to your continued progress Krista!

From Krista:

I cannot say enough good things about this program!! I have tried counting macros before, but with no success. The one thing I absolutely love about this program is the accountability and daily feedback. This is not to say that I did not have plenty of slip ups and cheats along the way--However, this was far less than if this was something I was tackling on my own! I work night shift and had also quit eating meat around the same time I began this program so there were multiple learning curves and challenges along the way!

Going into this program I had in my head a goal weight, but now that I am finished with the 12 weeks I realize that wasn't exactly the right goal (for me) to have. I had hit that goal weight about 2 weeks before I finished up the program. A weekend away to Key West and that goal weight slipped out of hands. However, one thing I have learned on this program that it is NOT about the number on the scale.

Unexpected goals I have hit on this program...
-First strict pullup
-Stringing more kipping pullups together
-Swim times are nearly 2 minutes faster
-Running 8-9 minute miles consistently (2-3 minutes faster)
-Lifting heavier overall at the gym

Also, nearly NONE of my clothes fit! Size 4 shorts are now too big for me and that has NEVER been a problem for me in my life. Not focusing on the scale is still a daily challenge for me as it has been my entire life. The changes I have seen in the way clothes fit, the way I perform athletically, and my overall confidence is enough for me to know how much this program has helped. I am going to continue with this program and going into it I know I may or may not hit a number I had in my head, but I will come out even stronger and more confident than I did in my first 12 weeks. I can never thank Dianne enough!!!

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