Kelly Gumpright — Success Story

Congratulations to Kelly Gumpright for competing her 12 week TCL transformation! Kelly had a challenging schedule but made it all happen. Kelly truly embraced ALL of the lessons this program put her through and has learned so much about herself and her health along the way. So proud of your results Kelly and how you have inspired your family in the process! Continued success in round 2!

Kelly's physical results:
Lost 18.5# body weight
Lost 2.6% body fat
Lost 5 years off her body age
Lost 4.5" off her waist
Lost 4.5" off her hips
Lost 3.75" off her chest

From Kelly:
I was nervous to start this program. Since I retired from college gymnastics almost 10 years ago I have had many ups and downs with weight. It was hard to not see this program as "another diet" to try. I expected to loose a little weight and maybe have some improvement in the gym. I wasn't sure how hard or challenging it would be. My work schedule is very unpredictable and I work rotating day shifts and night shifts. I also had to travel a lot for work as well. I wasn't sure if I would be able to fit everything in or even have time to commit to it. I was not 100% committed starting out as I knew all these factors were standing in my way. However, I had seen so many people with good success in the program, I knew it wasn't impossible.

I felt I needed to be held accountable for everything. I needed someone to be there to keep me on track. I have tried to get family and friends to participate before but no one really met my needs or expectations. TCL and the coaches were exactly what I needed. They were always checking in and making daily recommendations and adjustments. Even when I was struggling with injuries and set backs, I always had a coach to stop me from the negative spiral and keep me on track. After the first 2 weeks I felt inspired and I became 100% committed as I started to trust the process. My expectations were not only met but I learned more about food/nutrition and myself that I ever imagined.

I learned so much about many aspects of my life. For starters, I never realized how much power and control food has on your brain. During the first 2 weeks I felt like I was "detoxing" from the junk I use to eat. No matter how much I ate of a good thing, I felt like I was starving. I had to keep reminding myself of what I did eat and that it was not real hunger. My brain just wanted the crap I wasn't letting it have. I also learned how under educated the people in my life were about what is in food. My parents and in-laws tried to make what they thought were healthy meals and both sets of parents made a high carb, low fat, low protein meal. Many of my friends would make similar choices thinking that it was a healthy meal. It was interesting to see what the people believe to be "healthy". One of the most powerful lessons I learned was I needed to make time for me and find my happy place. We get so busy with family, going to work, taking care of others and running around we constantly forget about ourselves. I didn't think I had a happy place that was just for me and no one else. One day it hit me after class at Cyngery and I realized my happy place was somewhere I had been going to all along. I learned at Cynergy I can just be me and I leave happy, more confident and energized. This program has open my eyes and I now see everything more clearly.

I had big goals for the gym. However, I injured my shoulder during week 6 and I wasn't sure how long It would take to get back. I needed a different goal and my goal became about weight loss. My biggest accomplishment during these weeks was the almost #20 weight loss. I have not been this weight in several years and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would of had that kind of success. None of my clothes fit and it makes me incredibly happy.



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