Joe Tully — Success Story

Congratulations to Joe Tully on an amazing 12 week transformation! Joe's 100% effort that he put into the program shows what can be done if you stick with the plan day after day, week after week. He had a slip-up or two along the way but always got right back on track. Great work Joe!

Joe's numbers:

  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Lost 10% bodyfat
  • Gained 5.2% muscle
  • Lost 6 years in body age

from Joe:

I wanted to get back in shape, or at least to where I was before my ankle surgery last February. The day before my surgery I weighed 216#; the day before I went back to work 6 months later I was 233#. I initially lost about 10 pounds going back to work and CCF. But then I was at a standstill, stuck around 225, and I felt fat and lethargic. After not being able to fit in a suit to go to a wake I knew I needed help.

Did we meet your expectations?

I know what to eat. The problem I was having was portion control. I wasn't eating enough good carbs and I was cheating way too much. Seeing the numbers every day when tracking my macros and monitoring my weight was eye opening. I've never been one to weigh myself, because I've never been heavy.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

Plan ahead, especially when going out. Eat your complex carbohydrates early in the day and drink lots of water. My best days were always during the week when I was working, I'd pack my cooler and only eat from my cooler. I'd drink (or at least try to drink) at least 80oz of water before I'd get home every night.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

When I started I was shooting for a 210#-215# body weight but once I got going I changed the goal to 200#. I made it by .8 lbs! I never thought I'd be under 200# again, but maybe now I could shoot for 195#. All the body weight exercises are way easier (p/us,hspu's,dips) and I ran a 5k in March, which would usually not be a big deal but it was my first since I got my new ankle. I feel great!

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