Janine Anderson — Success Story

Congratulations to Janine Anderson on completing her first 12 weeks! Janine has truly traveled this journey and has embraced the learning she has gained along the way! Her enthusiasm and determination to continue to learn more about herself and her capabilities is infectious! So proud of you Janine! You have come such a long way!

Janine's 12 week physical results:
Lost 4.5#'s
Lost 1.5% Body Fat
Gained .8 Muscle Mass
Lost 1.5 inches off her chest
Lost 2.75 inches off her waist
Lost 1.7 inches off her hips

From Janine:

We asked her what her expectations were when she signed up 12 weeks ago:
Based on all the testimonials I had read (and I read every one), I had hoped to:
1. Lose at least 10 pounds and
2. To be held accountable for my actions (not knowing at the time what those actions would be!).

Did you meet your expectations?:
The weight loss – no, but hear me out. I am a 47 year old who put everyone else first: in my job and at home. I’m an Assistant to an Executive, Girl Scout leader, Mom, a youth group leader at my church and until recently, was a caregiver for 8 years along with my husband for his father at our home.
Like a previous testimonial mentioned, I too had lost myself in ways beyond weight-loss. As I started, I wanted to be THE BEST at this. But honestly, how could I? I really had not really done much except go to the company gym once a week a few times a month. I always cheated on MyFitnessPal in the past. Then I went to my first All Level Fitness class and POW. I was certainly NOT the best – I felt like I was the worst! But here is where the accountability comes in. Cindy made sure to check in with me and on those days were I retreated to the corner in self-defeat after a work-out, people I didn’t even know encouraged me, shared their stories and made me change my approach. Mark gently encouraged me and we started to talk about my form and my focus totally changed. I love quotes and during this time, my quote was: “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. They sink because of the water that gets IN them.”

What are the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?:
1. First off I am not on Facebook, but I love Pinterest. As I started this program I get getting pins ‘recommended’ to me that showed people losing weight in 8 weeks/21 days/one week/ 3 days!!!! Melt away the pounds! Look at all these skinny flat bellies! And I was losing next to nothing on the scale. What the heck was wrong with me? Turns out, NOTHING, but culturally, we are driven that weight loss is everything. I’m here to say my first big lesson was once I shut out all that noise, I started to get better. I lost inches and I am so proud of that. Even my own doctor doesn’t focus on that – she only cared about weight loss. I find that a little concerning for those of us who don’t lose weight easily. So be careful what you focus your energy on (see point #2)
2. I understood the power of WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. Regarding the previous point, I consider myself a “big boned”. I have broad shoulders and big thighs. I used to joke that I was a female linebacker. I don’t “slim” easily. You know what? This program taught me that broad shoulders are great for lifting (and I’ve just started) and my thighs? I’m working on being the squat queen. Again, it’s what you focus on. My quote here is “I always thought I just wanted to look good – until I realized what it felt like to be STRONG.”
3. Another lesson: Do it for you – shut out the outside noise of your life. Yes, we are all busy and have lots of commitments. But when I walk into the box, that time and energy is all mine and I’ve never experienced that before. I don’t think about anything (except form and breathing, right Mark?!). And that is why I love this program. Meditation for most is sitting still and quiet. Mine is blaring music and moving at the box.

My greatest accomplishments were:
1. Believe it or not, was not to not cheat on MyFitnessPal. I wanted so much to not admit when I was slipping (because then I couldn’t be THE BEST), but in fact, that is a crucial part of the process to see what actually you need to fix (for me anyway). And then when I did hit my numbers I felt my best. Funny how that works.
2. One dark cold night recently after getting up at 4:30 am and commuting 2 hours and working a full day, I was in my comfy clothes. I did not want to get dressed and work out, but I said I would. I was being held accountable (and wasn’t that what I asked for). So, I dragged my butt to the box and that night I learned about lifting for my first time with plates. It was me and 6 other amazing strong women, of all ages. Although I had the lowest weight, I found my inner strength and as you can see by my photo, it was the greatest accomplishment. Before I lifted it each time, I said “I am strong” and I really felt that I was!

The last thing I would say, is that when caregiving my Father-in –Law, he was a man of few words. But when I got stressed out (sadly, often), he would say to me, “Hon, take it Little by Tiny”. So when he passed away in 2014, I had that tattooed on my arm to remind me. I have lost my way a bit since he passed but as long as I continue my TCL journey and accomplishments “Little by Tiny” I know they will add up over time to big changes. Stay tuned for my next chapter in 12 more weeks!


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