Jackie Obreza — Success Story

Congratulations to Jackie Obreza on completing her 12 week nutrition program! Jackie's story is like many who feel that they do not have the time, but she is living proof that what you invest in comes back many times over. Could not be more proud of her making this commitment to herself!
Well done Jackie! Looking forward to round 2!
Keep up the great work!

Jackie's physical results:

  • Lost 12#'s body weight
  • Lost 2.8% body fat
  • Gained 1.2% muscle
  • Lost 4" off her waist
  • Lost 2.25" of her hips
  • Lost .5" off her chest

From Jackie:

I wasn't sure what to expect really. I was hoping to get better at meal prepping and to lose a little bit of weight. I just knew that I couldn't continue what I was doing, which was basically flying by the seat of my pants. Now let's talk about my pants...before I started this program I was sitting at work and my pants were suffocating me! I had to unbutton them by the end of my shift just so I could be comfortable! All I could think of is this is not happening to me! I have been the same size for YEARS, never had to deal with any real fluctuation in my weight expect for pregnancy. In the past 2 years however, I've gone up in size and I just refused to go up another size and accept that fact as a part of "getting older". NO WAY! First of all I can't afford it, are you kidding? Clothes are expensive!!!!

So I began this program and at first I was like, oh my LORD, this is hard! I have to weigh my food? I have to be super organized! Ahhhhh! Well, after about week 2 it started getting easier. Cindy and everyone, that had done the program or was currently doing it, had great advice so there's definitely a lot of support, which is awesome. Once I found my rhythm, the weight started coming off. The scale doesn't always show it (the scale can be so cruel sometimes) but the weight does come off. You have to tell yourself not to listen to the scale and go by the tape measure or just how those "pants" feel, which, by the way, fit great and actually are too big for me now! I couldn't be happier with the program because it just really makes you aware of what you're eating and it helps you organize your life in a way. I can't tell you how if you've planned out your meals and know what dinner is going to be each night, life is a lot less stressful!

I have learned how much protein is so important. I thought I ate enough protein but boy was I mistaken!!! I hardly ate any! Protein is the major component to weight loss. Those days I hit my protein were the best! I not only felt it, I saw it on the scale the next day. I always knew (or thought I did) that what you ate was 80% of the equation but now I know it for sure. I began this program at the worst possible time of the year, the holidays, but I made it through and it has just given me a new outlook on nutrition and how important it is to fuel your body the right way. Your body will thank you!

This is going to sound funny, but my greatest accomplishment is being able to drink coffee black!!!! Never in a million years did I ever think I could stomach a cup of black coffee. I always had to have cream. For years I had cream and sugar. I cut the sugar out a while ago but could never think of cutting out the cream. Black coffee was like drinking battery acid to me. When I discovered that the cream in my coffee basically used up a huge portion of the fat I was supposed to have in a given day, well, I thought I better give black coffee a try. I still can't believe I can drink it black, but now I can't go back....you know what they say....

I wish I could say my WOD performance has improved or that I PR'd a particular lift, but my schedule at work is so erratic I'm not able to get in to the gym as much as I'd like to, so I don't have any concrete numbers to give. I feel however that I do have increased stamina and have seen gains in my strength which I couldn't be happier.

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