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J.K. is one of the greatest examples of what TCL-PN is. Her determination, planning, preparation and consistency throughout the past 6 months epitomizes what is attainable if you want it bad enough. Her story is inspirational and it was truly a pleasure to work with her! She lost a total of 25.6 pounds, 9.1% body fat, gained 4% muscle, and lost 10 years in body age. Congratulations on your success!

24 week results

From J.K.

Not sure where to begin. For starters, I have always struggled with maintaining my weight. I have had blood work done...everything is normal. I had a sleep study...I am sleeping fine. Thyroid disease runs in my family. I have had my thyroid checked every year at my physical when I see my weight has crept up another few pounds...my thyroid is functioning. What is my problem then!?

Overall health and nutrition has always been a priority to my family. The problem is, when you become a parent, sometimes those priorities get rearranged. Like most Moms, I didn’t focus on myself for many years. Because of this, I feel like a small piece of me was getting lost year after year...but that was ok, because I was being a good mom...and I have 2 well-adjusted, healthy children right!? Yes, that is partly true. But when you start to hide behind clothes, or avoid social situations because you are not comfortable in your own skin, that is when it is not ok. I knew I had to do something that focused more on me (even if it felt a little selfish).

About a year ago I reached out to a personal trainer. I worked with him for 3 months straight. I followed his workout plan and sent him my daily food logs and he said I was doing everything right. Less calories in, more calories out. To him it was simple. Well, if it was so ‘simple’, why did I not see a change in my body or self in 3 months!?

Come May, I joined bootcamp for 4 months. This was about my 5th year doing bootcamp with Jen Tully (she’s the best)... I always worked hard and was amazed at what I was capable of. But when boot camp ended I was onto any other group activity I could find (Zumba, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, you name it). I was still not seeing the results I wanted.

Each year at the end of bootcamp Jen would urge me to come inside the box. I couldn’t do it. “It wasn’t for me”, “5am is too early”, “I am too overwhelmed by the lifting”...the list (of excuses) goes on. This year though, I was so uncomfortable with where my weight was at. Jen recommended I talk to Di or Cindy. I was desperate. I made an appointment to meet with Di. That day I decided I either had to go all in or walk away. I went all in... (It was time). TCL Macros and Cynergy CrossFit.

It’s been 6 months since I went all in.

I have experienced so many raw emotions over these past 6 months... and even shed a few tears.

Fear: Can I really do this?
Anxiety: So. Much. Protein.
Overwhelmed: So. Much. Planning.
Relief: I can eat all the food I like...nothing is totally off limits...as long as I'm smart about it.
Pride: I climbed the fricken rope. To. The. Top. Surprise: Running isn’t so bad!?
Defeat: Lots of work in the 1st 6 wks and not a lot of noticeable change. (Be patient. It takes time.)
Reassurance: So many people supporting me. ‘Trust the process’.
Tired: (Although it isn’t an emotion...I. Have. Felt. It.)
Joy: I fit into my old pants! (And had to buy smaller ones.)
Overwhelmed: Can I keep this routine up for the long haul?
Happiness/Acceptance: I like my body and who I am.

As for keeping this up for the long haul...I would like to believe that I have developed a positive mindset and enough strategies in the past 6 months to make these healthy habits stick. I don’t want to go back to where I was. I am a work in progress. If (when) I start to fall back, I know exactly who I need to talk to.

Thank you to Jen for encouraging me to take the first step. Dianne for keeping me on track with my macros and supporting me when I was struggling. Cindy for pushing my limits, (even when I am resistant). The 5am class for being so welcoming...you guys really are the best...you make getting up in the morning easier!

So, here I sit. 6 months later. 25 pounds lighter. Many inches smaller. A whole lot stronger. And a hell of a lot more confident. I. Am. Back. I am me again. It’s been a few years. I didn’t realize how much I missed me. I know for certain my family missed me too. I guess this journey is not so selfish after all…

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