Denise Smith — Success Story

Congratulations to Denise Smith on her 12 week transformation with TCL!

Denise's results:
Lost 15#'s
Lost 6.8% Body Fat
Gained 3% Muscle
Lost 8 years off of her Body Age
Lost 2.25 inches off of her Waist
Lost 3.25 inches off her Hips
Lost 2.25 inches off her Chest

Denise continues to improve and push herself at the box. Really excited to see what she can do in her next round! Congratulations Denise!

From Denise:
So, I cant be happier to see the results after 12 wks, well ok I could be happier if the fat loss was higher, the muscle gain was more or if I lost more inches. But, I've picked up alot of bad eating habits in the last 3 years since I hurt my knee and stopped workn out. So I realize my success isnt going to happen overnite.

I guess what I expected to happen was that I would feel better about my physical appearance and that my mental capabilities to get back working out would improve. I sense that I am conquering these because my confidence level has increased getting me closer to these goals. Honestly, The food diary is alot of work but its worth it. If I didn't plan so hard to hit the macro numbers then I dont think my losses and gains would be where they are after 12 wks. WOD's and MACROS are like cookies & milk, PB & J's or as I might say now like chicken & rice!!

I cant thank you enough for your encouragement and support at the box or on the google doc. I love being a part of the cynergy/TLC Groups, and look'n forward to the nxt 12 wks progress

Thanks and great admiration,

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