Cynthia Marie — Success Story

Congratulations to Cynthia Marie on an outstanding 12 week transformation!

I was fortunate to meet Cynthia while traveling in Peru last Fall and we became fast friends! Cynthia lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and is not only an architect but a restaurant owner! She is an avid skier and is 57 years young! I have loved working with her and am absolutely thrilled with what she has accomplished! BRAVO Cynthia! Can't wait to see what the next round brings!!

Cynthia's 12 week physical results:
Lost 13.2#'s
Lost 9% Body Fat
Lost 1.75 inches off her chest
Lost 1.5 inches off her hips
Lost 3 inches off her waist

From Cynthia:

It HAS been a GREAT process- EYE OPENING! Wish I knew this chemistry at 20... 🙂
1. Learned what fuels my body for high(er) performance and that good 'feeling'. I thought I always ate the right foods- I was close but not dialed in.
2. Lost the weight, tightened areas. surprised how the weight 'fell' off so quickly, at first. surprised on how MUCH I can eat- if its the right food.
3. Still want to lose that 5.5 lbs of FAT and GAIN muscle
4. Eating the right Macros- WOW!

I work very well with specific goals. I basically understand the process and I am willing to learn MORE.

Thanks so much Coach!
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