Cynthia Marie — Success Story

Congratulations to Cynthia Marie on her completion of 24-weeks on TCL! The challenges were there, but the desire was stronger than any obstacle! Love your story Cynthia! Thank you!!

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?
Let's call it an Awakening.
The adventure to Peru with a group of very powerful women including, Coach Cindy sparked & ignited a Change in me. Her consistent model of healthy Nutrition & Fitness Balance was an inspiration. Living the extreme sport & outdoor thrill seeking lifestyle in Colorado has been a crazy Life-Choice for over 36 years. At the age of 56, general concern of overall health & wellness into the next phase of this journey was a mystery that I was ready to unravel. Not knowing where this extra weight, dragging energy was going, I was ready to Learn & Implement Lifestyle Choice Change. With an open mind, dedicated time was spent each day to develop the new Body that was carrying around my creativ, adventure seeking self.

During the initial 12 weeks that it took to understand the chemistry of this change & to get very close to the goal, was a full-time job, frustrating & exhausting yet exciting {because I could feel & see the Change!}. 'Believing' in the 'Process' was not exactly easy but guidance & cheering from Coach CB was the encouragement required. The knowledge base that Cynergistic Life has as a resource for their clients is invaluable. Getting right to business & tackling the issues with support from each other within our group has been truly helpful.

Adding another 12 weeks- total of 24- was critical to inclusively complete the body fat reduction, shifting & growing body muscle mass and to experiment with the 'Maintenance Plan'.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?
Committing to a Renewed Daily Ritual of meditation, yoga, fine tuned nutrition & fitness + sleep {yes, 10 hours each night!} has aligned the body, mind & spirit!

Understanding FOOD and the extreme importance of knowing what it DOES to the body-- never dreamed I could eat so much! Learning about the Paleo Lifestyle food choice model has been fun to experiment with. Now, onto researching what food does to your brain is very interesting & concerning- the spices that can change moods, etc. I find fascinating!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
While goals are great fun setting, reaching them is the not-so-easy prize! The 'InBody230' report with the detailed analysis of body composition illustrated with graphs and with numbers, were the tangible results I needed to confirm the progress. This was exciting to see that in 24 weeks I was able to reach & exceed my goal into a normal 'strong type' model.

Finding my 'Ritual' to Maintain the hard work that was realized is my greatest accomplishment & the most important lesson.

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