Cynthia Brown — Success Story

from Cynthia Brown:

Many, if not ALL, of the hardships I have experienced in life have turned out to be incredible lessons for me. I have truly created a life that allows me to share the lessons I have learned so that it may benefit others. It may come about simply by sharing my story (something that does not come easy for me :/ ) or by using the knowledge I have acquired to help and support others.

It is this constant trial and error, jump, fail, get back up, take a different turn, try again sort of approach that has kept me on this crazy journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here is the Reader’s Digest version (or Cliff Notes depending on how old you are?)

My keys to success:

  • Eat your prescribed Macros! (Protein, Carbs and Fats)
  • PLAN what you are going to eat everyday BEFORE you eat...HUGE!!
  • MOVE! Everyday!
  • Weigh EVERYTHING that you put into your mouth and record it!
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol
  • Persistent and Consistent are the 2 words that must be part of your vocabulary and your life!

Here is the longer version:

My most recent learning has been my around my ACL reconstruction. I completely severed my ACL during the 2015 Games season last year and missed qualifying for The CrossFit Games by 2 spots. I had been training, a LOT for the past 2 years and was trying to make a go for my second Games appearance, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

What ensued as a result of this setback was depression, weight gain (a relapse into my binge eating involving lots of wheat thins and copious amounts of peppermint tic tacs...among other things!) and a lack of motivation for anything! It had a devastating impact on me, emotionally and physically.

I knew I had to take control of something in my life and the only thing I could really take care of was my food. I decided to work with a nutrition coach and create some structure and focus in my life. I work much better with a goal!

So, I started my 12 week journey to regain myself.

The biggest change for me was weighing and measuring my food. I had used My Fitness Pal before, but what I was recording was merely guesstimates. I never used a food scale or a measuring cup/spoon to track what I was eating. Well, needless to say it was eye opening!! My guesstimates were no where near what I thought t

hey were or what I thought I was eating!

It was a tough first week or two… frustrating, time consuming and just a pain in the ass! But, I had made the commitment to myself to give this a go and I was damned and determined to see it through. It was the first time since my surgery that I felt like I was in control so that is what kept me going.

After the first couple of weeks of not losing a single ounce, I have to admit I was a little skeptical and a little bummed out, but I noticed that I was feeling so much better, happier and that was a foreign feeling for me at this point so I kept plugging away.

Little by little, week to week, the weight and the inches started to peel away. It wasn’t fast, but it was moving in the right direction. In those first 12 weeks I lost 30 pounds, 7 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips.

It became a game for me, a goal to hit the numbers everyday. I would laugh at myself as I was measuring a bowl of rice, plucking or adding a single grain of rice to make sure it was exactly the correct weight... and make no mistake about it, I ate every last grain in my bowl!

The results were pretty amazing. I was certain that I would struggle with the weight loss because I was only doing basic body-weight movements, not the rigorous 2+ hour exercise routine I was doing before. Well, I could not have been more wrong!

We preach that nutrition is the base of the pyramid and I was blatantly reminded of that fact during the previous 12 weeks. Honest tracking, persistence and patience were critical to my success, as well as, not getting hung up on the daily weight fluctuations or enjoying an occasional margarita!

I am moving better, feeling better, slowly getting my strength back — and enjoying the journey!

I am looking forward to continuing the process and continually adjusting my macros as needed.

It has been a fast 3 months and it was worth EVERY sacrifice and time consuming meal! And I mean that!

If you are looking to make some significant changes AND you are willing to put in the effort to do it, let us know! We are excited to share our knowledge with you!

After 24 Weeks...

I decided that I wanted to continue with another round of closely tracking and monitoring my nutrition to see where I could go.

I continued to work with a coach to continue my "education" and found that this second round was easier all the way around. I had more knowledge about the process, I found shortcuts that made my life so much easier and less time consuming.

Workouts improved (as there was a lot less of me to maneuver!) Started to notice more muscular definition, clothes were fitting so much better, I was sleeping soundly, and was in an overall "Happy" mood which was really foreign for me.

I felt more confident talking to people, felt more relevant in my coaching and was thrilled to be able to apply this learning to our own nutrition program.

It did not come without it's setbacks as I still had moments when I slipped back into some old habits, but the time it took for me to rebound was much less than before.

Learning new coping mechanisms and being accountable to myself was a new "muscle" that I had developed that has helped me combat some of these old demons.

For this next phase, phase 3, I am looking to put on more muscle. The macros have changed to reflect that goal and I look forward to seeing what changes are possible next!

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