Carol (B) Wadsworth — Success Story

Week 24 Update:

  • Lost 11.6 pounds — total of 23.2
  • Lost 3.8 body fat
  • Gained 1.7 muscle
  • Lost 4 body age years —I'm now 36 and I'll be turning 53 this week 🙂
  • Maintained visceral fat of 6 points

from Carol after 24 weeks:

I was very pleased with the results of my second session with TCLPN and can’t believe I am actually approaching the maintenance phase! However, the thought of that raises a lot of fear for me as I “have been here before” a few times in my lifetime only to see it disappear through injury, illness, or laziness.

I am an emotional eater and a stress eater. Food is so much more than nourishment for me. It can be a drug for me: to combat stress, boredom, frustration, anger, etc. And certain foods can be a trigger for me to binge. Primarily chips, sugar and alcohol. So, I have to walk a fine line.

The science part of this program is undeniably successful. You follow the numbers, you track, weigh and measure everything that goes into your mouth and you will get results. Period. It’s really that simple.

Being so regimented is good and bad for me. I am very dependent on my routine to keep me on track and when that gets out of whack, it becomes more challenging for me – especially if that is coupled with missing meals, a heavy workload and trigger foods.

Drinking? Forget it! Unless it is carefully accounted for, it’s just not worth it. I don’t want to waste 10 fats and 10 carbs on 1 drink, I’d rather have food! It also weakens my resolve and I find it much easier to pop something in my mouth.

But, what about the mental game? How do you deal with the thought of the scale, much less actually seeing the numbers that pop up when you stand on it? How do you deal with the pull and the urges to ‘just eat what everyone else is eating’? That’s what sets this program apart from others out there…

I shared a lot of notes with my coach — who has helped me learn how to cope with the emotional aspects of eating and weight loss. She provides me with little challenges and encourages me to look at a situation from a different perspective. She has also taught me to ‘give myself permission’ to have a binge day then let it go. I can’t tell you how much freedom there is in that!

I am well into my 3rd session now and these challenges are all still very present and real for me. I know this is a process and I am trying to be kind to myself as I stumble my way through. This is a journey, not a destination.

The Before & After photos in these success stories are truly remarkable. I love seeing the transformation so many members are making. But they don’t tell the whole story… at least not for me. There can be a lot of struggle, heart-ache and frustration behind those photos. Success is not a straight line.

Here is a chart of my body weight during the past 24 weeks.

It is a constant learning process for me. My goal is to recognize the warning signs, try to address and deal with the issue and not avoid it by becoming numb by binging.

I highly recommend this program. It truly works. And if you need help with the mental part of weight loss, look no further.

Thank you TCLPN!

from Carol after 12 weeks:

I lost 11.6 pounds in 12 weeks and dropped 2 pants sizes.

I neglected to get my body fat and muscle percentages at the beginning, but I am currently at numbers I never anticipated! The last time I measured those numbers was 6 months ago. Since then I dropped 30 pounds, 10.5% body fat, gained 4.8% muscle, dropped 3 points in my visceral fat (internal body fat) and my body age is 12 years younger - I’m 40 again!

This is all about awareness. You’ll learn that in your first week if not your first day! Those macros don’t lie. You’ll soon realize that what you thought was healthy eating really wasn’t… and in my case, it was all about portions.

I had a lot of success on the Paleo diet. No grains, dairy or sugars. Vegetables, lean meats, fish and healthy fats — coconut oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados. I lost over 50 pounds in a year. Slow and steady. But I started gaining weight again and I didn’t know why. Paleo never failed me before, so what’s up?

It wasn’t until I started tracking my macros that I realized I was eating way more than my fair share of healthy fats and totally under-eating protein. So, I knew I needed a change.

I was expecting to lose weight after seeing the tremendous success of Cindy and Dianne.

I had a goal weight in mind, but after I witnessed my twin sister shrinking down to 30+ pounds below that weight, I realized I might be able to lose more, and I was really excited about that.

But beware of zeroing in on “that number” — because it created frustration and disappointment for me when I didn’t hit it.

So the lesson? Don’t have a certain weight in mind; it’s better to select a weight range instead and be grateful for all of the other benefits you are achieving - that aren’t related to the scale!

Take the before picture. I know the last thing you want to do is strip down to your essentials and bare your raw truth. Those photos don’t lie! It makes the commitment to your journey more intense and real. So, stand tall and proud in that before photo! Don’t let those extra pounds define you!

Take your measurements. I didn’t, and I regret it. I would have been very curious to know how many inches I lost. I do know that my old go-to jeans were too big. I dropped 2 pant sizes. I hadn’t worn that size in over 14 years!

Get your body fat and muscle percentage taken too. These numbers are more relevant than the weight on the scale. During that week (or weeks) when the scale isn’t budging or when it jumps up and down — trust that there is SO much more going on. If you are training and eating your macros, you are probably adding muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. An obvious fact, but you tend to forget that when you’re in the throes of a stagnant week.

At the start of Week 7 I had a total hip replacement. I had already dropped 14.4 pounds and I was really worried about my recovery time. I couldn’t work out and I was worried about keeping my eating under control. Thanksgiving was the following week. For the next 4 weeks my weight fluctuated up and down by 7 pounds. Shortly thereafter I hit a rough patch and and just felt reckless and restless. I didn’t want to follow the rules anymore and I wanted to eat whatever I wanted to! But I recorded all of it. I didn’t want to, but I knew I wasn’t kidding anybody. It serves as a great reminder to me when that reckless feeling comes over me again. I know I have a choice and I know the consequences of that choice.

I resented the fact that I had to lose those pounds all over again. So my choices were, stay mad and start eating whatever I wanted or get back on track. An easy decision, but it didn’t make the next few days easy… It took me a good 3 days of clean eating to feel back in the game.

That moment right there is what I consider my greatest accomplishment. Not the weight loss, but having my little breakdown and getting right back on it.

But I have to tell you, I fought it the first 3 weeks. I did NOT like all the extra work, the measuring the tracking. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was having a difficult time with the arthritis in my hip. I was craving all my go-to foods. I was dealing with other stressful events in my life, but my coach was always there for me. I would get notes of encouragement and suggestions to stay the course.

Which is one of my first big lessons: Trust the process. You’ll hear that over and over and nothing can be more true. Follow the guidelines your coaches have set up for you. Track EVERYTHING you eat. You’re not fooling anybody if you eat it and don’t track it.

My 12 weeks ended 3 days after Christmas. And those last 3 days I gained weight every day. So from week 7 to week 12 I only lost a total of .2 pounds. It was not the way I wanted to end the program. I was disappointed but I had to remind myself that I was at a weight I hadn’t been at in close to 15 years! So, I got over myself and started right into my next round of 12 weeks. No expectations other than to be kind to myself while I finish up my physical therapy and ease back into CrossFit in the 6 weeks.

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