Buzz Wadsworth — Success Story

Congratulations to Buzz Wadsworth for his incredible 12 week transformation!
Great working with you Buzz and can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks will bring!

Buzz's physical results:
Lost 20.4#'s body weight
Lost 2% body fat
Gained 1% muscle mass
Lost 7 years in body age
Lost 4.25" off his waist
Lost 3.5" off his hips
Lost 3.5" off his chest

From Buzz:
In general terms, I just wanted to be healthier. My profession necessitates a certain degree of cardiovascular strength and fitness. I have never found myself unable to perform any physical task that has presented itself to me on the job and I have a degree of pride knowing my Brother and Sister firefighters can count on me. This past winter, during a training exercise at work, I found myself a bit more "winded" than I felt I should have been. I did NOT like this feeling! It's funny how you can be so blind to your own physical condition. I knew I had put on a few pounds, but this training exercise forced me to take a hard look in the mirror. When did I swallow this basketball???

So, what was my expectation? I just wanted to lose the basketball sized belly.
These first 12 weeks have been interesting. I have tried "diets" before, paleo, whole30, with varying degrees of success, but they were unsustainable for me, hence the weight gain. The TCL program allowed me to eat what I want, without telling me I could not have this or that. It was an ongoing learning experience for me. I learned very quickly, that the unhealthier I ate, the less food I was able to consume daily. Through trial and error, I found new ways to include certain meals I have a hard time giving up in other programs. For instance, I like to have a sandwich for lunch. A lavash bread filled with grilled chicken still satisfied that sandwich craving, but in a much healthier way.

One of the biggest revelations as I progressed through this journey, was I simply was not eating enough or at the right times. Eat more and lose weight. It just didn't make sense, but I put my faith in my Coach and tried to hit my macros perfectly, or as close to perfect as possible on some occasions, as well as when to eat during the day. Not only did the weight start to come off, but my energy level increased, I slept better and just felt better overall. I am quite happy with the results from the first 12 weeks. I still have work to do, but I look forward to the next 12 week journey and where that will bring me.

The biggest lesson I learned from these past 12 weeks is simply this, food is fuel. The cleaner the fuel you burn, the better the engine will run. I was cursed with a sweet tooth, but there are healthier choices out there. It just requires a little bit of work on your part. A lesson I learned two days after I completed my 12 week TCL journey, and before I started my next 12. I decided to congratulate myself with a delicious dessert. They were a combination brownie/chocolate chip cookie all in one. I ate 2 1/2 of them that night. That sleepless night! My belly ached, I had some type of acid reflux thing going on, and proper manners on my part preclude me from mentioning the next morning...My body was clearly sending me a message!

I suppose my greatest accomplishment is that I signed up to do this and that I stayed with it through the whole 12 weeks. There was quite a bit of trepidation on my part in doing this, despite the fact that I knew I really needed this in my life. Step on a scale every morning? Weigh everything I was going to eat every meal of every day?? Track it ALL in this thing called My Fitness Pal??? That sounds too difficult!....So I thought 12 weeks ago.

If you want things in life handed to you or done for you by others, you will not achieve much in this life. If put forth an effort to better yourself, the rewards are quite fulfilling. That is what I found out about myself these past 12 weeks.

Trust the process. trust the coach, have faith in yourself.

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