Brett Stinchfield — Success Story

Congratulations to Brett Stinchfield on a successful 12 week transformation! Brett's main focus was to add muscle mass and with 12 weeks of consistently hitting his macros as we steadily increased his food intake he did just that. Nice work Brett!

Brett's physical changes:

  • Lost 15.8#
  • Lost 4.5% body fat
  • Gained 2.6% muscle
  • Lost 9 years in body age
  • Visceral fat went from 4 to 3 (no more beer belly!)

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?

My expectation was to get my eating habits back on track and to stop eating out. I usually work late shifts so eating out was a daily thing for me because it was quick and easy.

Now I prep my meals the day before so I know exactly what I need to eat. I just pack my lunch box and head out the door.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

Protein! Protein! Protein! I have never really been able to gain muscle no matter how much I worked out. I didn't realize how much protein my body actually needed. Before starting this nutrition plan, I was not eating nearly enough.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My goal was to start putting a dent in my beer belly without losing any muscle mass. I was able to slim down and to also put on a little bit of muscle.

This plan has been eye opening and I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks!

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