Cynthia Marie — Success Story

Congratulations to Cynthia Marie on her completion of 24-weeks on TCL! The challenges were there, but the desire was stronger than any obstacle! Love your story Cynthia! Thank you!!

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?
Let's call it an Awakening.
The adventure to Peru with a group of very powerful women including, Coach Cindy sparked & ignited a Change in me. Her consistent model of healthy Nutrition & Fitness Balance was an inspiration. Living the extreme sport & outdoor thrill seeking lifestyle in Colorado has been a crazy Life-Choice for over 36 years. At the age of 56, general concern of overall health & wellness into the next phase of this journey was a mystery that I was ready to unravel. Not knowing where this extra weight, dragging energy was going, I was ready to Learn & Implement Lifestyle Choice Change. With an open mind, dedicated time was spent each day to develop the new Body that was carrying around my creativ, adventure seeking self.

During the initial 12 weeks that it took to understand the chemistry of this change & to get very close to the goal, was a full-time job, frustrating & exhausting yet exciting {because I could feel & see the Change!}. 'Believing' in the 'Process' was not exactly easy but guidance & cheering from Coach CB was the encouragement required. The knowledge base that Cynergistic Life has as a resource for their clients is invaluable. Getting right to business & tackling the issues with support from each other within our group has been truly helpful.

Adding another 12 weeks- total of 24- was critical to inclusively complete the body fat reduction, shifting & growing body muscle mass and to experiment with the 'Maintenance Plan'.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?
Committing to a Renewed Daily Ritual of meditation, yoga, fine tuned nutrition & fitness + sleep {yes, 10 hours each night!} has aligned the body, mind & spirit!

Understanding FOOD and the extreme importance of knowing what it DOES to the body-- never dreamed I could eat so much! Learning about the Paleo Lifestyle food choice model has been fun to experiment with. Now, onto researching what food does to your brain is very interesting & concerning- the spices that can change moods, etc. I find fascinating!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
While goals are great fun setting, reaching them is the not-so-easy prize! The 'InBody230' report with the detailed analysis of body composition illustrated with graphs and with numbers, were the tangible results I needed to confirm the progress. This was exciting to see that in 24 weeks I was able to reach & exceed my goal into a normal 'strong type' model.

Finding my 'Ritual' to Maintain the hard work that was realized is my greatest accomplishment & the most important lesson.

Carol (B) Wadsworth — Maintenance Story

Congratulations to B Wadsworth on her fantastic transformation! Her dedication to just getting back on track has not only led to some pretty amazing results but it has also provided her with tremendous learning about what she needs to do to remain successful! Could not be more proud of her!

from B:

I recently completed 36 weeks on the program, and essentially maintained my numbers through my third session — and looking back, it was anything but smooth. I lost and gained the same 6 pounds the entire 12 weeks. But, I always got back on track. That is what living in maintenance is all about.

I was worried about maintenance, just because of my long, rocky history with weight loss and gain. The difference now is awareness. Tracking, weighing measuring. I know that helps keep me on track. And for me, I will continue to use MyFitnessPal, my food scale and my body scale for the indefinite future.

I feel too good to go back now. I remember my 260+ self all too well. I look at this picture and instantly remember living at that weight; that feeling has never left me. And I’m thankful for that because it is a constant reminder of where I don’t want to be — as well as a reminder to respect my body and my health.

I want to ease into my golden years with grace, strength and good health. I believe I have finally found the way to get there, with a little help from my TCL friends!

I still struggle. I have good days and I have bad days. I crave pizza, margarita’s, chips and chocolate. And sometimes, I give myself permission to have it.

But, I finally understand what maintenance feels like, and its not what I fantasized about. You don’t “get there” then let go and eat like you used to. For me, it still — and probably always will — require a conscious commitment.

My food choices are different than they were 36 weeks ago and I know how to navigate the grocery store and restaurant menus. I also learned that I can eat more and still lose weight — so don't think you'll be stuck at the same macros for ever. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it myself!

And for those of you just starting this journey — or who are currently struggling on the journey — I want to leave you with a little visual of what my journey looked like in between my "before & after" picture.

Jen Tully — Success Story

Congratulations to Coach Jen Tully on a remarkable 12 week transformation! Jen's goal was to just feel better and more confident. Her hectic schedule made this a challenge but by putting herself first and making herself a priority she was able to impact her life in so many areas! Very proud of you Jen! Great job!

Physical Changes

  • Lost 12.8 pounds
  • Lost 4.3% body fat
  • Gained 1.5% muscle
  • Lost 7 years body age
  • Lost 2.25 inches - waist
  • Lost 1.25 inches - chest
  • Lost 3 inches - hips

from Jen:

Before I started the program, my husband had already been in it for several weeks. I saw tremendous results with him but to be honest, even though I had been in a rut with my nutrition and overall fitness, I wasn't sure that I wanted to commit to TCL for myself. I am not typically a believer in the scale and it kind of scared me as I didn't want to become obsessed with measuring and weighing food, and with weighing myself daily.

I knew I needed to do something for myself, however, as I was beginning to spiral downward, which affected my mood and self confidence. I tried to do it on my own without much success. I knew that I needed the accountability and guidance. This is when I decided to give TCL a shot. I went in with the notion that I was going to stick to the numbers, log everything even if I did go off-track, and I would allow myself to go off-track when I wanted and be honest about it, communicating with my coaches...all without becoming obsessed with the scale.

The first couple of weeks were tough, trying to hit my numbers. Tull (my husband) was a big help in finding foods to fit my macros. I was lucky to have him by my side! Cindy was always there too to answer questions and to offer suggestions. I loved the spreadsheet with feedback from my coach. I logged daily, I weighed in and recorded daily, I noted my hours of sleep along with exercise and how I felt daily on a scale of 1-5 with anecdotal notes. There were days that the scale went up and I was not happy. Having access to "My Fitness Pal" and by looking at my macro-tracking spreadsheet, Cindy was good at pinpointing where I may need to adjust (i.e. if my sodium may have been too high or if perhaps I should be drinking more water or getting more sleep). Her feedback on the spreadsheet was also very helpful. Cindy always assured me not to get hung up on the scale. There are days that you may go up by a fraction of a pound, or up by 1-2 pounds; but it will go back down if I kept following the plan and hitting my macros. The number on the scale was just part of the big picture. That proved to be true when I saw my overall numbers in the end.

All along, more importantly, I felt better and better about myself as the weeks progressed. I feel like "myself" again, more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

The TCL program not only offered support with eating and nutrition, but they offered powerful articles that made sense and hit home. I know that it is important that I put myself first sometimes and focus on my own needs. When I take care of myself, it in turn benefits my kids and my husband. Taking the time to be sure to eat right and being sure that I get the exercise that I need is important for my mental health. The happier and more confident I am with myself, the more patience and positivity I have with my family.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

When I went off-track, I did not derail.

With three kids and a hectic schedule, I tend to get wrapped up in all of the running around with late nights and no time to eat. These are the days that (before these 12 weeks) I would typically skip meals or pick here and there at whatever was near.

In the summer, I always go ice cream shop hunting with my kids. Once I indulge in a guilty pleasure, I would typically throw in the towel, leading to a downward spiral of eating like crap and feeling like crap. In the past 12 weeks however, I did not allow this to happen.

Like I said at the beginning, I went into this saying that I was going to stick to the program but allow myself to indulge a bit when I wanted to, while staying honest in my tracking and logging. I found that even when I did indulge in ice cream or a drink, I could plan for it and not totally "derail."

Looking at my before and after pictures was very rewarding. It's crazy that my body could transform so much in 12 weeks of tracking what I eat with the proper guidance. One goal of mine was to feel comfortable in a bikini again. I'm not quite there yet, but I don't think I'll be wearing the Granny skirt bathing suit that I had bought myself for my Easter basket.