Ashley Harrington — Success Story

Congratulations Ashley Harrington on another successful 12 weeks! Ashley continues to learn what works best for her. Ashley's consistency and motivation are contributing to her success - especially in her training!

Ashley's 24 week results:
Lost 21.6 pounds
Lost 3.1% body fat
Gained 1% muscle
Lost 5 years in body age

from Ashley:
The second round of nutrition was even better than the first! For me it was because I had learned so much about my body and eating habits that it was a little easier to plan for the what used to be "slip ups". I knew how to go better prepared to a wedding or event. I knew how to plan for Saturday night dinners with my friends, I learned to deal with the insatiable appetite that my hormones bring on every month, and most of all I learned a lot about timing.

This second round I really started timing my meals around my workouts better and it's really helped. There were a handful of weeks that the scale did not move. And although I was still feeling great, losing inches and crushing workouts, it wasn't until I started timing my meals better and not eating dinner super late at night that the scale started to move again.

I've had a couple great accomplishments as well. This is the first year I was able to complete all of the CrossFit Open workouts at RX! Even though it's always a challenge I really looked forward to the reveal of the workout each week. I also recently did a CrossFit comp with some of the ladies at the gym. We all kicked ass and had a great day, I'm excited to say my partner (Alannah) and myself were tied for third at the end of the day and made it to compete In the final WOD. That's the best I've ever done so far in competition so it was very exciting to me!

So I'm on to my next round of TCL personalzied nutrition! All of my gym leggings are falling off me.... so it's time for a smaller size. The new spring stuff I recently got shopping were all smaller sizes too! I've got another competition coming up in a few weeks so I will continue to train hard for that! One of my new goals for this time around, and now that spring is upon us, is to hopefully amp up some of my metcon. I'm not a big fan of running but I'm open to trying to become better at it, and although I may never learn to love it, I will hopefully learn to "embrace the suck" as they say!

Congratulations to Ashley Harrington for completing round 1 of the TCL Personalized Nutrition Program. Ashley put 100% effort in her first 12 weeks resulting in a loss of over 17 pounds and 1.2% bodyfat – and looks amazing!

12 Week Update

One thing that sticks in my mind about Ashley was her determination – which she summed up during Thanksgiving week – “I’m not giving up my progress to alcohol!” That attitude has had a huge impact on her nutrition and performance – including qualifying to compete in Wodapalooza in January with teammates Monica Avery and Alannah Vargus.

Note from Ashley:

“TCL Personalized Nutrition program is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and that’s exactly why it works! It’s not a diet or a challenge. It’s not paleo or no grain. You don’t have to cut any specific foods out. It is truly personalized even if you are vegetarian or vegan. It trains you to fuel your body appropriately.

After I started logging my food I quickly knew why I had put on so much weight and my fitness level was at a stand still. The first couple weeks took some figuring out, I jokingly called it “Nutritional Tetris ” But as the weeks went on, the logging, weighing, and food planning just started falling into place. Around week 5/6 I could feel my clothes starting to fit better. Around week 6/7 I started noticing my workouts getting a lot better and my stamina really increasing. And the PRs!! Let me tell you – after a lot of mental struggle and huge support from coach Bradshaw the night we did DT – I finally decided I would do it RX. Knowing full well I would not be able to go unbroken so I basically had to clean the weight practically double the amount of times than what is actually in the workout. None the less, I loaded 105# on my barbell and just did it! Grace, Derek, Lonnie, Marc and Tom all finished before me. Each one of them gathered around to help support me through the last couple rounds. Bradshaw being super supportive, kept me moving when I wanted to rest. I finished in 12:59 which turns out was a pretty awesome time! The week after that, a 30 pound PR on my front squat (185). Another week later a 15 pound PR on my squat snatch. I’m doing more wall balls unbroken, doing burpees faster, and I can even do chest to bar now!

I’m in awe of how much I’ve improved and for this reason I am definitely doing another round of nutrition because I know I have way more in me! I strongly encourage everyone getting involved in nutrition coaching no matter what you fitness goals are. Or even if they aren’t necessarily for fitness! Cindy and Dianne really are so supportive and are always willing to answer questions and give their advice. Dianne even took time out of her day while on vacation to review the menu of a restaurant a fellow nutrition partner had an event at that evening. She made some suggestions on delicious dishes to help keep her on track and still enjoy a special night out. So both of these ladies deserve a big shout out because it can work with real life and day to day work schedules!”

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