Ann Galotti — Success Story

Congratulations to Ann on a successful 12 weeks. Ann is the perfect example of what can happen when your numbers are met each and every day. Not only does Ann look amazing she has had significant improvements in her health, specifically her blood pressure. Strong work Ann!

Ann's Physical Changes:

  • Lost 21.4 pounds
  • Lost 5.4% body fat
  • Gained 2.8% muscle
  • Lost 1.5 inches - waist
  • Lost 3.75 inches - hips
  • Lost 3.5 inches - chest
  • Lost 11 years in body age
  • Lowered Visceral Fat from 8 to 6

from Ann:

This program has really shown me that if I work hard and stay focused that I can achieve goals that I set for myself. I have tried to eat well and focus on good nutrition in the past but the diets that I have tried have never really worked. I always made some excuse to stop and fall back into my old habits. This program, the support group and coaches have made reaching goals easier. Everyone is very supportive and always willing to help you stay focused and succeed.

There were many surprises for me along the way. I reached my goal weight that I set for myself a little more than half way through the program. At the same time my doctor was able to lower my blood pressure medication. They cut it in half! I feel so much better working out now too. I am able to string together a couple of toes to bar actually touching the bar (which even my daughter noticed), I can do a couple of dead hang pull-ups, I am still hoping that the kipping thing will come to me one day. I do many more double unders too. I feel much stronger.

There are still many things that I will continue to work on. My main goal is to continue with the macro diet and maintaining my current weight. I am most nervous about falling back to my old habits.

The most powerful life changing lesson for me was understanding the impact of how eating proteins, carbohydrates and fats affect my health and body. I have always enjoyed working out but have never really taken the time to truly think about what I eat every day. When I started this program it was eye opening. I remember sitting at the table and putting things into MFP and going Ok I can’t have that or that, and my kids sitting there laughing at me but it really makes you see what is in the food that you eat regularly, especially the food that you thought was good for you. It has taught me eating the right things makes you feel so much better.

I feel like there is always more to learn when it comes to nutrition. I need to expand the things that I make right now. I tried to keep it simple so it was easier to count my macros in the app. My main goal is to continue with the macros and work hard to maintain what I have accomplished and stay on track. Thank you Di and Cindy for working with me in this program I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without your help.

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