Andrew Gillis — Success Story

Congratulations to Andrew Gillis on his 12-week transformation! Andrew's goals were to regain his strength and endurance after his shoulder surgery. He has come a long way and has realized how important the role of proper fueling makes in a comeback! Andrew's wife and son joined in on the journey all with amazing results!

Physical Changes:
Lost 10.4 pounds
Lost 7% body fat
Gained 3.8% muscle
Lost 6 years in body age
Lost 2.75 inches - waist
Lost 1 inch - hips
Lost 1.25 inches - chest

What have you learned about yourself throughout this process?
Food is our fuel. If you run on garbage you are going to feel and look like garbage. I had shoulder surgery on September 27 and it was very disruptive to my life in general. I figured shoulder surgery was going to be like going to the dentist, in and out with a relatively quick recovery. Although, the surgeon said it would probably be a 6-8 month recovery…I figured I could do it faster. What my surgery did was impact my sleep pattern and I had 2/12 months of disrupted sleep. It was a horrible experience and prolonged the healing process. During this 6 mouth recovery I felt very out of shape and frankly was not watching what I ate. I recall a friend making me hot fudge sauce after my surgery and I thought well why not eat it…and why not add some ice cream too ... she is a great cook and it was delicious. After, being away on February break I knew it was time to get back in shape and it had to start with me eating. I was fortunate that my wife and son did this 12 week program with me. Our daughter took part in eating well but did not do the program officially.

I have been fortunate to have had Cindy do personalized training for me over past two years. From the start she advised me that food was equally if not more important than the time I put in at the box. I never took to heart this food component as my thought was that I was too busy to log food consumption. I do not like the word busy but time is our most precious commodity and how much more time was a willing to invest. I am without question someone that eats to live and does not live to eat. Usually, I found eating an inconvenience and wished that I could take a pill if you will in place of eating. However, I very much enjoy socially eating with others and certainly have my favorite foods. Coffee ice cream used to be one of my favorites but now it is frozen mango.

What goals have you achieved throughout the 12 weeks? Were there any surprises?
My goal was to feel better and I certainly do. My other goal was to help my son to better understand food before he heads off to college in September. I wanted him to understand the benefits of proper nutrition and what is in food. With the logging of your food it forces you to understand what is in food…..the good the bad and the ugly. My wife, well I have always called her a cougar as she is 6 months older than I am. However, when she started the program her age was 36 and by the end of the program she was 28 (mine was 50). My wife always quietly rises to the top in everything she does so it was no surprise that this went very well for her. Doing this program as a family made it much easier and a great deal more fun. In place of going for a pizza on the weekend we would go to our favorite coffee place.

What was the most powerful or life changing lesson/action for you?
I like food more than I used to. I look forward to having my Berry RX bar with maple almond butter on it when I return from the box each day. I realize that I am not going to reach my goals at the box without eating well. In addition, I know that eating well is going to impact my long term health.

What's next?
Continue my training: goal is multiple muscle ups and 20 strict HSPU’s. I certainly now understand how important eating is to be successful inside the box. Cindy always would say trust the process…. Well now I am putting the time into training and eating and I am interested to see where this takes me. This program / process has been a large investment in time and was very well worth it for our family as a whole.

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